Different Event Types
* Three Man Open Arena Sorting (can pen for finals)
* Two Man Ranch Sorting
* Three Man Two Gate Sorting
* Three Man Team Penning
* Two Man Ranch Penning
* Feedlot Sorting
* Arena sort/pen
a. 1-55 teams in class 2- Divison payout three places in each division
b. 56-200 teams in a class 3- Divisions payout three places in each division
c. 201- 300 teams in class 3- Divisions payout four places in each division

Cutoff and places subject to producer and board discretion & any changes need to be announced the day of the event ***

NO ROUGHING! NO HAZING! Any losses or abuse to any animal will be the responsibility of that rider and that team will be disqualified. NO WORKING CATTLE ON FOOT! NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT! ANIMAL WELFARE IS A TOP PRORITY!
Dress Code
All Contestants must wear western attire to include a cowboy hat or no hat, button down shirt with collar, either long or short sleeve and boots. T-shirts, ball caps and tank tops will not be allowed.