Team Penning, Arena Sorting and Ranch Sorting are all fast- growing sports that provide participants an opportunity to compete with other cattlemen in a family fun atmosphere. Team members consist of men, women and children of all ages. In 2014 we have started something new-- a 3D series format. This format can be ran on Ranch Sorting, Arena Sorting and Team Penning. With the new 3D format and no rider ratings or membership fees we are easily adaptable to any event hosts needs, the State Fair and local fairs or any hometown celebration. Our mission is to establish producers across the state that will offer a variety of events. It is also our mission to make things simple and fun by using the new 3D format that requires no rider ratings and allows for more riders to be awarded paychecks because of the multiple divisions within an event. Just like barrel racing it is broken down into 3 divisions after the last team has run the first go. Rather than 1 top 10 there is 3 top 10’s depending on where your time falls!! Normally, you would be out of the money by not making it back in the top 10. Whether you are an open or you are a novice level rider, this format allows everyone to ride together and win checks.


We think you will see that we have found a way to package an exciting group of events, great fun for the whole family and a simple format that allows more people to earn a check.


2018 NCTPA First Volunteers

Jene Kasperbaur (308)750-8279

James Hansen (308)750-5696

Darlene Hansen-State Coordinator